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Rescue unicorn is here to save the day!

I came up with this idea the other day when someone I follow on tumblr was having a rough time and I thought this would be cheerful concept. It gave me the giggles so much I had to draw it. 


baby arctic fox tries to eat a man alive

Hello Stranger {Closed; Brass Bolts Mafia}


Smokes’ ticklish areas didn’t go unnoticed by Fidget; a brief dilating of his pupils at the sound of Smokes’ laughter was the only reaction he gave. This new information would absolutely be abused at a later date. But for the moment, he remained focused on his task at hand.

As he was pulled away, he gave a pleased hum in response, smiling up at Smokes as he raised himself up onto his toes and captured his husband’s lips in a soft, lingering kiss. As he pulled away, he hesitated; stopping and keeping their faces close for a moment as he debated on sticking around for more, instead. In the end, he stole another — more chaste — kiss before turning and sauntering from the shower, hips swinging as he went.

Snatching a towel up from the rack, he dried himself off as he went. The thought of clothes didn’t even cross his mind — Succubi and Incubi had no need or desire for clothes. It was a human trait that had been forced on them, when they became indoctrinated into society. So, rather than pausing at his closet and meticulously picking out an outfit like he normally did, Fidget strode right past and exited the bedroom with only the towel around his shoulders.

Smokes was a simple man, with relatively simple tastes. It wasn’t hard to make his favorite sandwich. The real challenge came with the sly request Smokes had made. He had been cut off from all alcohol, and Fidget was damn sure going to uphold that. But, the Incubus in him wanted to please Smokes, and fulfill his every desire.

Either way, there was no longer any alcohol in the house. Fidget had poured it all out — he remembered doing so — and it left him nothing to wage war on himself over. Smokes could continue to go without. However, to make up for it, Fidget packed away a few slices of the cake he had made the other day. Tossing in a lunch for himself, and a few other snack and dessert items, and there was nothing but to wait for his husband.

Immediately he turned the dial from warm to cold. Smokes always heard cold showers when talk of getting rid of that sexual desire, and boy they weren’t kidding. 

His teeth started to chatter and he could tolerate all of a minute of it before hastily finishing cleaning and jumping from the shower. Dodging the stream of water he reached back in to turn the dial off. Okay cold water maybe was too cold, but it did the trick.

He dried off as much as he could, feeling chilled from the end of his shower. Without being asked, he put on a thin t-shirt and a sweater over it. Learning that trick quickly to keep form itching so much. Pants then boots slipped on, he stomped down the hall to find Fidget. He was mostly dry, only the small of his back managed to seep water into his clothes.

He smiled, scratching his thin beard hairs. They grew more and more itchy everyday. “We ready ta go? You gotta get dressed.” He pointed out with a curious raise of his brow. “Ya know. Pants. and a shirt. And shoes at least.”

Paint the Town ShoFox



A soft smile crept on his lips and his tail swished happily with the scritches to his ears. Somehow he had picked up more animalistic mannerisms since the upgrade.

At the offer to go to Earth his eyes went wide. He gasped, jaw dropped. “NO! Really?! I’ve never been to earth!” His ears shot straight up and his tail puffed up. “Do they like robots there?! I heard we had to go in disguise? Do they have robot food? Like with metal in it? On it?!”

The excitement of finally seeing the human home world overwrote the sorrow and dismay of the last few months.

"Really? Let’s go then!" Shojo exclaimed, grabbing Fox’s hand to take him to the portal. "We’ll get you all dressed up first. My version of Earth has robots, yes, but there’s not a whole lot of them so I don’t think there’s gonna be a lot of metal food. But I think I’ve got enough money to convince the chefs to improvise." She grinned mischievously at him and waited for him to jump through the portal with her.

He was eager to join her through the portal up until he was right about to step through. A slight panic in the back of his mind. A fear that had built up over the last two months. 

He frowned, pulling out his phone. “Just let me tell Smokes where I’m going first… just… just in case.” it wasn’t that he didn’t trust Shojo, but he didn’t know anything about earth.

After the message had sent, he took a deep breath and followed her through. “Dress up? Like how so? Is what I’m wearing not good? Are humans dress that much different than kazooland?”

brass-bolts-mafia: [Text from Fox] OOOOOH MY SCIIIIENCE MELODIA!!! The fighting is over. Dude! We got Jimmy back! WE GOT JIMMY BACK! I need snuggles, and your face, and delicious food, but mostly your face. <3 <3 <3 <# <3 omg I'm going to nap forever.]




[To; Fox Prince] FOX! I missed you <3333 Jimmy was gone? Gods, I think we have some catching up to do. You want me to come over? I can bring some cake and my face <3 Please don’t nap forever, unless you want me to wake you with a kiss!

The two brothers thought it over. They hadn’t found many triggers for him in this state, everything just brought him in a lull.

"Well-" Fox started, scratching the back of his head. "I’ll go with you… to help. We don’t want to be too aggressive with him. If he starts like… insulting us or saying its not what Boss does or says just sorta roll with it. Fidgets philosophy so far has just been to… to kill the Boss in him with kindness. Just be gentle and nice and nod along… Tell him Boss’ gone and he’s safe and stuff buut… we can’t-"

"We can’t force him ta join our side the way Boss made him join his. No fighting. No pinning him in a corner. It just… destroys all the progress Fidget made." Smokes finished with a huff. One hand put to his human chin and scratched through the start of a beard.

She nods, listening. “You know me. I don’t do aggressive at all. I hate it. I can do kindness. Do you want me to use any of my white energy? I don’t want to do anything that would even seem cruel….”

She looks back at Smokes. “I- I could sing if you’d like… I know that it can be calming…” She nods. “So keep open. That’s pretty simple for me… It’s what I’ve learned.”

Fox frowned. “White energy? Oh the squiggly floating tentacle things.” He only had brief introduction to her powers. “If it helps, why not? It won’t like… hurt you will it?”

Smokes’ eyebrows raised with the other offer. “Sing? That… he might like that. He’s had trouble sleeping like… actually charging. He refuses to let certain programs shut down cause he thinks he’s gonna get in trouble. I think Boss kept him on high alert the whole time… no wonder he’s so frazzled.”

Child of Your Heart(Closed with Fox)




She laughs and claps her hands when she’s praised, smiling up at him. “Fuck off!” She whines as she’s forced to dance, trying to wiggle her way out of his hands. She didn’t like it.

She does relax slightly as he starts to sing, his voice calming her. She laughs at the voice he does, but starts to sing as well. Her voice was still as lovely as it was when she was an adult, if a bit higher and more childlike.

He smiled softly as she started to sing. It was amazing the voice that came out of this tiny little frame. He couldn’t help but sigh, letting her hands go and pulling her in his arms. Slowly rocking her side to side as he matched her song with his own.

"What now Mel?" He asked softly, pulling her hair to make it stand on end. He had to giggle at how bad it looked. "Nap time?"

She leans into his chest, looking up at him. She grabs at his tail again, pulling it to her chest like a stuffed toy. She shakes her head with sleepily, half-lidded eyes. “No’ sleepy…” She lets out a wide yawn,  stretching in his arms. She was obviously lying.

He chuckled lightly, swishing his tail in her grip with a smile. “You sound sleepy enough. You know I’m kinda sleepy too… will you take a nap with me?”

He pretended to yawn, rubbing his eyes with one hand. He faked a snore, dropping his head on top of hers and his ears fell limp. “Hoooonnk… pheeewwww…. meemememememe…. HOOOOOONK PHEEEWWWW!” Each snore more elaborate than the last.

brass-bolts-mafia: [Text from Fox: Hey Mina. Um I know we all kind of fell off the face of the planet right now. Listen, we gotta talk. Are you doing anything tonight? Would you mind baby sitting Jimmy for me? I have to get out of this house and see if I can get my job back but I can't leave him alone and Fidget and Smokes are at the hospital all day today. I can explain everything. Please? We could use the help. thx.]




[Reply to The Boys: Of course. Should I bring supper? Or anything else? I was worried, I’m glad you’re all alive. Just let me know when and I’ll be there.]

He had to chuckle sadly as she blushed. “You don’t have to apologize for cursing. You have met my brother, haven’t you?” He teased lightly, leaning against the kitchen archway as she continued to speak.

"Fidget… he uh… he did something to Boss… something to his soul. I don’t think he could ever come back. It’s like his energy  line was cut off or something."

He paused, swallowing hard as she spoke about her own tragedy. Even though it was years ago, before he was even built, he still felt sympathetic for her. He nodded his head slowly, dropping his eyes to the floor.

Slowly he covered his face with both hands in an attempt to hide even more from her. His tail slid between his legs and his ears dropped flat on his head. “I… I know…” He muttered, voice breaking. “Smokes his is physical He’ll be okay. I just… Jimmy is so fragile already.”

Slowly he lowered his hands, wiping the oil tears from his face. “I’m sorry. Sorry for putting this on you. It’s just for the night… if he’s comfortable enough. I think he needs to know… he has more out there than just, us.”

"Yes, I’ve heard your brother put a sailor to shame. Doesn’t mean I like to do it." She raised an eyebrow as he explained about whet Fidget did, whistling softly. "Yikes. That should just about do it."

She pulled him into a tight hug, rubbing as much of his back as she could reach. “I will be here as long as you need me. I doubt any of you have had the time to appropriately process all of this. It’s okay, it’s over for now. Now we’ll put the pieces back together.”

She pulled back a little, but still kept her arms around him. “There’s no need to apologize. You’re putting nothing on me. And it doesn’t have to be for one night. I will have some furniture delivered. I mean it when I say that you boys call me whenever you need anything. Do you have time to eat with us, before you need to go see about employment?”

He gave her one last tight squeeze before she pulled away. Smiling softly and nodding his head. “Yeah I do! Free food! Nice!” 

Fox wore every emotion on his skin, or… metal. Carmina successfully melted away his guilt and worry. Jimmy was in good hands with her. They were in good hands with her. Now he couldn’t help but be overly excited and flamboyant like he always was.

He patted her back one last time and pulled his hands to himself. “Uh… we could eat in the living room? I mean we have the table but only one chair. We pulled our couch and coffee table out of the dumpster so if it gets stained no biggie.” He snorted a light laugh. “Where’s the stuff?” Eager to help her put together their meal.

Hello Stranger {Closed; Brass Bolts Mafia}


"You want me to do the work, hm~?” Fidget quirked an eyebrow up at his husband, ready to come back with a snide quip, most likely — although, he was effectively silenced by the kiss. He let out a pleased noise as he was pushed up against the wall, continuing to drape himself over Smokes.

At the suggestion of going out, a smile spread across his face, his tail twitching excitedly. “We could have a picnic… I could pack your favorite lunch~!” Spurred on by the possibility of treating Smokes to something he loved, he saw no reason to argue against doing the work of bathing Smokes along with himself.

He made quick work of cleaning himself; lathering his body and hair with the respective washes before rinsing them clean, in only a few minutes. Although, as he moved on to Smokes, he took more time and care with the operation.

Lathering his hands in the body wash, he started from the top and worked his way down; slowly coating his husband in the soapy foam. One would think, from the focused look on his face and the quiet of his hands, that Fidget was marveling a work of art — locked away in some highly regarded museum. Smokes was nothing short of a god trapped in marble, carved by Bernini.

His fingers traced every groove and definitive outline of Smokes’ muscles, every roll and curve of his skin, and all the places that had gone thick from good food and booze. Fidget was no less thorough in rinsing Smokes off, either. Benji’s words became abundantly clear in the wake of Fidget’s cleaning; Succubi and Incubi truly worshiped the human body.

Smokes nodded his head. “Picnic sounds nice.” A quirk of a single brow. Maybe he could test his limits perhaps. It had been a while since he last had one. “Maybe a beer… or two along with it?” It was such a hard habit to break. A nice dark heavy beer worked to quench his thirst after such passionate love making, he almost felt a little unfulfilled without it.

He didn’t quite have the capacity to ponder too long on his drink. Fidget’s hands moved so carefully and methodically over his body, he almost felt like a second skin. Like a little mini massage that worked to get rid of all those built in knots to his muscles.

He couldn’t help but moan softly, leaning against the wall of the shower as he moved along his back. Damn that felt good. Not even like, let’s fuck good, but just a general good good.

When Fidget moved around his hips and over his sides he giggled. Like an actual human giggle. He covered his mouth, attempting to hold it in as Fidget moved on to other parts. He was so sensitive there, he’d have to remember that for later.

When it got to those lower, more precious regions, Smokes took Fidget by the hand and slowly pulled him away. A soft smile on his face, cheeks hot pink from the steam, the touch, and the events from earlier. “It’s okay… I got this.” Honestly he thought if Fidget had started to grace him there he might want to go again, but he was feeling wobbly in the knees already and he wanted to eat.

"Why don’ ya make the food then? An I can finish up and get myself dressed? That sound good?"

Hello Stranger {Closed; Brass Bolts Mafia}


Fidget turned to look at Smokes with a smirk over his shoulder, letting out a rattling purr at the pleasant touches to his wings. “There’s always room for one more~.” He raised his tail, dragging the feathers at the tip across the underside of Smokes’ chin.

Spinning on his heel to face his husband, Fidget draped his arms around Smokes’ shoulders, walking backwards and dragging him further in, putting them both directly under the stream. “Although~…” He raised himself up onto his toes, planting a soft kiss on Smokes’ lips before murmuring against them. “I think you might spend more time distracting me, than helping me get clean.”

He made no moves to pull away and resume his act of showering. Instead, he kept his body pressed against Smokes’ own; nuzzling their noses together and touching his forehead to Smokes’. Fidget seemed to be soaking up the intimacy and closeness between them.

With a smirk, Smokes tilted his head to one side and allowed himself to be pulled into the water. It was such a different feeling with skin. He could feel each droplet roll down his metal instead of just the initial touches. 

He had to chuckle as he was nuzzled against. “Actually I was hopin’ you’d do the work.” He had to snort a laugh. “I still haven’t quite figured out where I’m ‘sposed ta get all the soap on me. It just sits there instead of sliding off like on my metal.” 

He kissed Fidget softly, attempting to entice him to do the work so he could remain lazy. Slowly pushing him back and pressing his wings against the shower wall. “I was thinkin’… maybe… if you want… we could go out after this. Like… take ya to the park or out to eat or somethin’.”