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I am not a gaylord. Benji's a fucktruck


Tin man. 

The Clockworks


"Well he is me… and I married you, so obviously something isn’t right~." Fidget smirked playfully, nudging Smokes’ leg with his foot. Junior only giggled as Smokes put their faces closer together — the sound mirroring Fidget’s own laughter in a higher pitch — tiny hands patting along Smokes’ faceplate. At the suggestion of Fidget doing most of the work, the titanium automaton raised his hands submissively, "Oh no! He doesn’t want me! You’ll just have to do all of that in my stead~.”

Fidget leaned back, resting his weight on his palms, his optics drinking in all of Smokes’ features and expressions. “We’ll have two… one of each. A little me, and a little you~. That way we can both be happy.” A smile slowly spread across his lips, chest swelling a bit as he reflected on the sight before him. “You doubt, and talk down on yourself a lot… but you’ll be a great dad. The proof is in the pudding~.”

As if to emphasis his older self’s point, Junior immediately made himself snug in the crook of Smokes’ neck. With the rubbing to his back lulling him, his optics began to droop — before the minute was out, Junior was asleep, a hand wedged into his mouth to pacify himself.

"Well…" Fidget lowered his voice, to keep from disturbing the tiny ‘bot — struggling with every fiber of his being to keep from gushing over the sight. "He’s big enough that he should do fine with sleeping in the bed with us. Archer did it with Benji… I would put him in his crib, turn around for two seconds, and Archer would have him out and in the bed."

Smokes tried to hide his smile, rubbing the tots back even after he’s asleep. “One little you and one little me… sounds like a deal.” He whispered, trying to lower his usually booming voice.

He was struggling to retain a cough, tilting his head slightly to one side. “You ain’t afraid we would crush him?” He thought about it for another moment. “He’d just take him asleep outta the crib? LIke- you aren’t supposed to touch a sleeping baby man. Not unless you wanna unleash the fury of hell.” He couldn’t help it, but his voice was growing louder.

"I really… used to think I wasn’t able to be a dad… really. I lose my temper to easily but… I dunno… I’ve mellowed out so much lately… and the way I am with the guys, the younger guys… an with Lucy even…" He took a deep breath then slowly released it. His hand continuing to stroke over the toddlers back. "I dunno… maybe I’m like… good enough… now… fer it."

The Clockworks


Fidget scoffed a laugh, quirking an eyebrow and giving Smokes an incredulous look. “Please, you say that like my brother wasn’t a handful… I’m quiet adept at handling temper tantrums. Hell, you both still throw temper tantrums, and you’re grown men!” He couldn’t help but laugh at Smokes and Benji’s expense — despite the Demon not being present to defend himself.

Junior was oblivious, babbling to himself and in his own little world. Once Smokes helped him to stand, he let out an excited squeal; kicking his feet and bouncing on the mattress. His tiny hands kept a firm grip on Smokes’ fingers — occasionally, he would attempt to put his fist into his mouth, dragging Smokes’ hand along with him. This lead to him intermittently chewing on the tinbot’s fingers.

As Smokes made the remark about being guilted, Fidget smirked teasingly up at his husband; batting his eyelashes in the manner Smokes had just described. Wrinkling his nose in a grin, he giggled. “What if they have green eyes?” Fidget reached out a hand, preening a hand through Junior’s hair — causing the toddler to make a noise of complaint and move closer to Smokes. The kidbot officially wanted nothing to do with his adult self. “In that case, then I’ll be the one in trouble~.”

Smokes snorted a genuine laugh as the tiny bot began to suck on his fingers. It was an odd feeling. Junior didn’t quite have teeth yet and he couldn’t tell if that was silicone or some other sort of soft metal inside of his mouth. 

"Awwww he don’ like you!" He teased Fidget, pulling the baby closer to his chest and sticking out his tongue. "Look at that… A kid who likes me better? Whats wrong with him… he’s gotta be broken ‘er somethin’." He snorted a laugh, tilting his head to match his tiny blue optics. "Ya know thats the one thats gonna feed ya right? An change yer diapers? An sing ya ta sleep?"

He slowly lifted his head back to Fidget, his hands patting lightly against Juniors back as a sort of game. “Really you’d want green eyes on ‘em? How do we even decide though… like Blue is so much better. We need an even number then. So we got enough of each.”

He mulled over another thought with a furrowed brow. Slowly he picked up Junior and curled the tot over his shoulder, rubbing his back and letting him drool down his back. “Where’s he gonna sleep?”

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Someone left the fox machine running again. No, please don’t fix it.

is this heaven

The Clockworks


"I think he was scared to tell you, honestly…" Fidget shrugged his shoulders, eyebrows slightly raised as he kept his gaze fixed on Smokes’ face. "You do have a tendency of over-reacting, just a bit, when it comes to the family… he probably thought you’d run off on a quest for vengeance and land yourself back in prison."

Junior continued to babble to himself as the conversation went on, grabbing onto Smokes’ hand with both of his own — tiny palms barely managing to encompass an index finger — flailing his arms and shaking Smokes’ hand excitedly. The kidbot was in his own little world.

Fidget watched the exchange with a broad smile, reveling in how gentle Smokes was being. One would think child rearing was as natural to the tinbot as it was to Fidget. He couldn’t wait to see his husband interacting with their own children — ones that wouldn’t disappear in a cloud of grey smoke. “I have absolutely no doubts that our children will be just as stubborn and strong-willed as we’ve ever been~. Neither of us will do anything we don’t want to do. I’d honestly be shocked if that particular quality wasn’t passed down.”

At the non-accusing accusation Smokes ripped his eyes sharply to Fidget. He huffed a heavy smog breath out of his nostrils, looking like an angry mechanical bull. “I do not…” He barked, trying not to overreact. It was true though. He probably would get himself tossed in prison again.

He dropped his gaze to Junior as he grabbed Smokes’ hands and began to pull on them so excitedly. If he and Fidget had kids, and he did something stupid and overreact like that, end up in jail- he couldn’t bare the thought. 

"It’s gonna make raisin’ ‘em hard… I mean. Can you imagine a little me? Throwin’ temper tantrums cause I didn’t get my way?" He snorted a laugh, pulling Junior up by his hands and helping him to stand fully, although a bit wobbly.  "An if they are anything like you… they’ll have that mother’s guilt too."

He pretended to whine, rolling his head back. “I’m gonna be in trouble from all sides man! Can’t say no ta you, think I could say no to them? Fuck no. All they gotta do is bat those pretty blue eyes up at me and fuck it… we’re gettin’ a pony or a bouncy castle or whatever the fuck kids want these days.”




Whats red and bad for your teeth?

a brick

well you’re not wrong

The Clockworks


Fidget watched Smokes’ face as the tinbot stared down at Junior with such adoration, a broad smile spreading across his face, his chest filling up with pride and excitement. His husband was always so adamant about being a horrible father; being too rough and frightening for children to handle. The exact opposite was being proven, at that moment. Fidget was certain that Smokes would make an amazing father — he’d bet his life on it.

At the question of people stealing children, Fidget’s expression faltered and his gaze lowered down to Junior, who was leaning into Smokes’ petting. “Someone tried to steal Jimmy… it’s how we met.” The tone of his admission was a little sad. “There was a man who used to stalk the park. For years, there had been a string of disappearances — all children and young teenagers, all different races and gender. It didn’t matter who or what they were, as long as they fit into the age group and spent time in the park, they were sure to be snatched up.”

Keeping his gaze fixed on Junior, he straightened out the toddler’s jacket. “I knew he was behind it. Some of the kids were ones I knew. I just never had solid proof. And one day, I was doing my usual food run for the homeless, and I noticed him talking to this flighty little thing. Attempting to lure Jimmy away, to wherever he took the children. I stepped in, and didn’t allow him the opportunity. He was later arrested, caught in the act by an undercover fed who had baited him.”

Slowly, he raised his eyes to look up at Smokes, the humor all but gone from his features. “You don’t want to know why he stole kids. It wasn’t for the same reason that you were stolen, I can promise that. Typically, people either steal children because they can’t have their own, so they take someone else’s in some psychotic delusion of grandeur… or they steal kids for the reasons that Eddie did.”

Slowly Smokes’ eyes widened, unable to turn away from the tiny bot in his lap. His mind somewhat replacing him with an imagine of a very young Jimmy. “He never told me bout this…” He grumbled darkly. Smog began to pour out more heavily from his cheeks, pluming above their heads. “I’d fuckin’ kill the guy… Good thin you were there.”

His arm around the tot’s back grew tighter, holding him closer to his chest. His other hand continued to pet through his hair. Trying to stifle a snarl, he leaned down and softly kissed his short black locks. “Jimmy’s too nice too… he’d think he’d be doin’ the right thing… bein’ polite and not just tellin’ him ta fuck off… an’ he’d be gone.”

He paused, having to swallow hard. “Our kids should be fighters. Tell people ta fuck off when they need it…”

The Clockworks


Fidget laughed at the suggestion of the cake, gently pulling Junior’s hands away from Smokes’ face. “You and I could eat the cake~… but I don’t think it’d be very good for him to have more than a bite. Babies have very sensitive tummies~.” As if to emphasize his point, he ticked at Junior’s stomach, earning a chorus of giggles.

The little ‘bot crawled further away from Fidget and into Smokes’ lap, squishing his face against the tinbot’s chest, to the side of his core; letting loose a shrill squeal. Fidget only laughed, giving Smokes a teasing look. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, it seems~. He’s just as enamored with you as I am.”

Tilting his head to one side, he watched as the toddler pressed a hand against Smokes’ core; staring at the glowing life source with wide, fascinated eyes. “Can you imagine if our kids looked like me? This would be them… we wouldn’t be able to take them out anywhere. People would try to steal them from us, they’d be so cute.”

Smokes grunted once his lips were free. He licked them clean of baby grime and chuckled as the tiny bot giggled. He watched with a smile as he pressed against his core. He took a deep content breath, his face filled with such a fondness for the little thing you would have thought they had him for years.

He dropped his jaw, mimicking the tots happy squeals as he discovered the glowing core. “… wow… he… really loves me huh?” He was awstruck. Something so sweet and innocent was completely enamored by him instead of scared.

"What! Who’d steal ‘em?!" He gasped, curling a protective arm around the tot. "People do that? Steal kids? What the hell… what would they do that for-" He paused, coughing hard and forced himself to swallow. Well… Boss did it. "I’d kill ‘em if they touched our kids… our beautiful… look just like you kids." He sighed, running a hand through Junior’s short hair.

The Clockworks


Fidget scowled at Smokes’ suggestions, reaching over and swatting the tinbot on the shoulder. “You are not calling the baby anything that has the words ‘sex’ or ‘ass’ in it! It’s fine for me… not for little me…” He looked down at the toddler in question, gently running a hand back through his hair. “it’s a shame I was never built as a baby… I’m adorable~.”

The kidbot pouted as his hands were pulled away, wriggling them out of Smokes’ grasp and going for the tinbot’s lower lip instead; one hand clamping down around it, while the other reached up to grab his nose. Standing himself out on shaky legs, he began to bounce excitedly — though, once he realized the extra spring the bed gave him, his eyes went wide and his gaze turned down towards the mattress.

"Maybe we’ll just call him Junior…?" Fidget held out a cautious hand, ready to prevent the tiny automaton from falling off the bed, should Smokes lose his grip. "It’s not entirely untrue… besides, I don’t know how long he’ll be around. No sense in spending a lot of time mulling over a name, if he’s not going to be here for long."

"Hey! I wasn’t gonna!" Smokes barked in his own defense. Grumbling he turned back to the bot. "Yeah… really cute… cuter than baby Jimmy cute even." 

He grunted as one hand grabbed his lip and the other his nose. Eyes darting side to side confused as he took weird gasping breaths through his open mouth. “Sounds good. Junior it is.” 

His brow bent at the talk that the baby wouldn’t last long. Always with these stupid magics. They make you get attached to something and then they take it away. His scowl only grew deeper. “Yeah maybe… we should get a picture of Junior here… since he’s gonna… be gone… Oh! We should make ‘im a cake. Bet ya don’t get that in grey smokey space huh? Nice Lava Cake. Daddy Fidget ‘ll make it for ya.” He snickered. Any excuse to get Fidget to bake his most loved treat.