Brass Bolts Mafia
This Tumblr is for the Brass Bolts Mafia from the spg fanfic Kazooland High! Aka. Smokes, Fox, and Jimmy Brass! That’s right! The boys will answer your asks, post arts of themselves, and might even keep you updated on their daily lives. Also turned into a heavy rp blog. Don't be afraid to send asks or submit fanarts! Occasional NSFW content.
Current song Tracks:Why Can't We Be Friends by Smash Mouth. I'm Not Okay by My Chemical Romance. The Beacon by A Fine Frenzy. Kiss Me Deadly by Reel Big Fish. Boogie Man Boogie by Dr. Steel.
Tags for them are:
Brass Bolts Mafia, Jimmy Brass, Smokes Brass, Fox Brass, Kazooland High, fanbot

I am not a gaylord. Benji's a fucktruck

Terminator 2

…Whaddya want from me? Fox is the actor.